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Storytelling is a powerful way to educate, entertain and inspire. 
Reading Film Studios was established to facilitate innovation through imagination. 
We engage film, TV, music and media creatives in sharing their stories.

Reading Film Studios is a mixed media company specializing in film production. We offer professional quality services using the latest in high-end technology and equipment. Our team is comprised of passionate, diverse and expert professionals.

We are a leading full-service 4K Multi-Cam production facility. “RFS” has over two decades of experience in Green Screen production, White Cyclorama production, Film, TV, and Events. 

We have multiple film and sound stages with a Green Screen and White Cyclorama room, all centrally located in South Reading P.A.  All stages are completely soundproof, climate-controlled and come equipped with a lighting package.


Reading Film Studios has an experienced crew available for daily hire to assist you with your production.

We're here for you.
Reading Film Studios will look into your budget needs with understanding and big thinking to keep you at a respectable price.

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