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Productions can sometimes become a hectic undertaking, but we keep things fun and organized to ensure an enjoyable work place. Here in Berks County, RFS is not just about financial profits - we believe in bringing growth and unity to the community through non-profit partnerships and telling great and entertaining stories.


Films are a reflection of culture. We add value for our customers by engaging in stories that are driven aspects of society. Before the written language there were stories. It brought people together, it entertained, and it captured the imagination.


This first step is so important it can never be understated. To produce a great film or video we plan and set expectations. This involves research to limit or avoid disruption during production. It requires meticulous organization for the outcome of a successful project. 

Story Participation - Location Scouting - Budget Organization - Project Management - Script creation 

Talent research - Equipment Prep - Production -  Team meetings


Where everything is shaped, mixed, and fixed. It truly takes a team of talented individuals to bring a project to finalization. We are that team.

 Digital Editing - Audio Mixing - ADR - Voiceovers

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