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Reading Film Studios is a mixed media company specializing in film production. We offer professional quality services using the latest in high-end technology and equipment. Our team is comprised of passionate, diverse and expert professionals.


Monopoly anyone?. Known for its vast network of railroads, Reading PA memorialized itself in Parker Brothers history by appearing on the Monopoly board. Throughout Reading's history from when it was first founded in 1739 to the 1970's, it was one of the epicenters for the financial growth of America. Reading once had the largest railroad in the world, leading the way in transportation technology and becoming the center for storing ammunition, guns and cannon in America's fight for independence. Reading Film Studios was founded in early 2019 by Antonio Moore, Kemuel Charles, and Dave Thomas with a passion to create content with diversity in mind. Collectively, the production team of RFS has produced a variety of short films and television programs, including over 100 hours of network and cable television. In addition, we have participated in independent film projects as producers, production management and production support staff.

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